Karachi Board HSSC Commerce Result 2015


Karachi Board HSSC Commerce Result 2015

Karachi Board HSSC Commerce Result 2015 announced. BIEK Karachi Board HSSC Commerce 11th 12th Class Annual Exam Result 2015 announced.

Karachi Board HSSC Commerce Result 2015
Karachi Board HSSC Commerce Result 2015

Karachi Board HSSC Commerce Result 2015 search here. . Karachi Board is leading boards of pakistan as it holds hundred of thousand students concerning matric 9th 10th class results. People get worried as soon as the result rumours starts to revolve. In the year, 1974, there were only 17 officers and 113 officials, now we have 51 officers and 246 officials. With a view to performing various functions systematically there are Statutory and non-Statutory committees have been constituted.

Karachi Board HSSC Commerce Result 2015 search here. Karachi Board has the power to organize, regulate, develop and control Intermediate Education. The controlling Authority of the Board is the Governor of Sindh or his nominee. The Chairman is the principal executive and academic officer of the Board, while the Secretary is the in charge of the academic and administrative Sector and the Controller of Examinations is the In charge of the Examination Section. The above officers and the Audit officer are appointed by the Controlling Authority of the Board, while other officers are also appointed by the Board on the recommendation of the appointment Committee.

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